23 mei 2020 14:00 - 17:00

The Watery Therapist ​- experiential movement workshop - online via Zoom

The workshop will focus on the notion of watery embodiment applied in ​therapeutic practice​. The practice proposes to view the role of the therapist and the therapeutic space as a body of water that ​holds and mobilizes​. The affinity lies within the premise that the therapist and the therapeutic space as well as water are the body and the milieu through which the therapeutic encounter and transformation is invited to happen. During the workshop notions of ​intersubjectivity, somatic transference, bodily containing, fluid boundaries, embodied attunement and therapeutic holding will be explored through guided movement improvisation.
The workshop is recommended for professional therapists of any approach, body therapists, massage therapists, teachers, care workers, youth workers, social workers and anyone who is interested in connecting/supporting through the body.
The model of watery embodiment is informed by posthuman feminist phenomenology and it has been applied to dance-movement therapy practice by Janka Kormos. Janka’s practice is influenced by Kestenberg Movement Profile, Body-Mind Centering, somatic practices, psychoanalytic theory and phenomenology.

Please register by email at dancetherapy@kormospractice.com

Price: Eur. 20,00